Here at Mamaroneck UMC, we value and celebrate the religious diversity and plurality of our local community and around the world. Our mission at Mamaroneck United Methodist Church is to love God above all things and our neighbors as ourselves, and we take this mission seriously. So, we welcome our brothers and sisters from different traditions to share in our life and work.

scripture-reference-buttonSeveral years ago when the late Bishop McLee first met with clergy of the New York Annual Conference, he shared communion with us. On the table were a variety of breads: of different shapes, sizes, types, such as pumpernickel, rye, sourdough, pita, gluten free wafers, braided, circular, rectangular loaves. Bishop McLee spoke of the varieties of theology and life experiences and gifts and talents and identities of members of the Body of Christ.

Similarly, this image of the diversity of breads can remind us of the diverse spiritualities and religions of this world. Each has a different texture, flavor, taste, but together we seek an experience of truth and meaning and the divine. The table is more interesting because there are varieties of bread, and since bread is also a symbol in the Holy Bible for Wisdom, we are reminded that Wisdom takes many forms that nourish.  This is another reason why here at Mamaroneck UMC, we practice an open communion table.

Under the leadership of our current Bishop Thomas Bickerton, and our Pastor Karen Ann Burger, we break bread with Christians and also value interfaith services and learnings that deepen our understanding and neighborliness. Join us on the journey! We will post interfaith opportunities here and encourage you to contact us as well for events you would like to let us know about.