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Here you will find information about our Christian Education Programs for children and youth at MUMC Christian education shapes lives.  We believe this, and so our programs of Christian Formation for children and young people have as their goal the teachings of the love of God and the love of neighbors.


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We are known as the “kid friendly” church.  Children of any age are welcome at all points during our Sunday Worship Service.  There is a “Children’s Moment” when our Pastor invites all children to the front of our sanctuary for a mini lesson before they are dismissed to Sunday School or childcare.If you prefer to keep your children in the worship service instead of sending them to Sunday School or childcare, parents are encouraged to bring your children to the altar for Communion or a blessing from the Pastor.


Children Music

One of the many popular activities enjoyed by our younger kids during Sunday School is the music session.  This is a time of great fun when children join in singing and dancing to the songs “Uncle Steve” plays on the guitar. Bell Choir training for older children recently introduced.
Baptism is one of the important milestones in the life of a family. It’s an occasion for joy and celebration and Mamaroneck United Methodist Church welcomes the opportunity to be part of that celebration. Baptism is usually administered to infants and small children. However, baptism is also administered to individuals of any age who have not been previously baptized in any other Christian denomination.
Confirmation is a sacrament where a youth affirms for him/herself the vows made by their Godparents at baptism. Confirmation prepares young people to think more deeply about their faith journey and to commit to the Christian faith.
Visitors Welcome
No matter the age of your children, nor the time of year, we urge you to come visit with your children.  Our team of professionally trained teachers will e happy to show you and your children around. 
Current Programs
Here at MUMC we offer age-appropriate Christian Education Programs conducted y our qualified and professional staff.