Nicaragua Mission Trip

Dear Friends,

Going with our church’s mission team to Nicaragua in February was an experience I will never forget. It was my first time in Central America, and I learned so much. I also enjoyed sharing the experience with our church members.  Three of us were first-timers; the others have been going for years to serve the people of Nicaragua. To read more about our experiences, please go to our church blog.  You can access the blog through the blogs link at the top right of our website’s home page or click  The blog is a work in progress; more entries will be added over time, but you will see already some reflections and photos. The Team will also present on our trip in worship on Sunday, March 26 at the 10:00 a.m. service with a special coffee hour to follow with food reminiscent of Nicaragua.

Please click on “follow” to learn when new blog posts appear, and feel free also to comment on the posts you see. We are interested in your reflections as well. Our lives are full of journeys, and God is always with us, giving us insights, leadings, and divine nurture. While the blog posts are centering on the Nicaragua ministry at the moment, it is a blog that will be ongoing throughout the year and will also help readers to learn about other ministries of Mamaroneck UMC and the ways God is moving in our hearts.

God bless you,

Pastor Karen Burger

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